– Cooking Show Its Just Food Website

Broadcast by VIVA, It’s Just Food is a TV show for those who shudder at the thought of stepping into a kitchen and getting a decent dish together for them, let alone for people who’re coming over to have dinner. Hosted by Julie Van Rosendaal and Ned Bell, this Canadian show aims to turn those who’ve got serious culinary problems into nothing short of realizedc ooks. And on its website, you can both read recipes and watch videos showing you how the pros get dishes ready step by step.


There’s seven main categories of recipes to choose from: “Baking”, “Sauces, Braises, Soups and Dips”, “Vegetarian and Salad”, “Pasta “, “Chicken and Egg”, “Beef”, “Pork and Lamb”, “Seafood” and “Desserts”.

Recipes are usually explained over the course of three or four paragraphs, and instructions are given using clear and natural language. Recipes start with a brief description and a list of ingredients, and you’re always told about how many people you’ll get to serve.

And once you’ve mastered a dish, then you’ll be able to make it your own by experimenting with the many ideas and suggestions that are provided. For example, when cooking “Macaroni & Chese”:

And if you know the show already and you love it, or if you caught a chapter on TV and they had just finished making a dish that looked delicious, then you’ll be glad to know the site also lets you search for recipes episode by episode.

This is the show’s promotional teaser: