– Data Recovery Solution

Isobuster.comIsoBuster is a software application that lets the user recover data from damaged CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. A wide scope of optical disc formats and common disc file systems is supported.

The program works by presenting the user with a full list of tracks and sessions that make up a disc. These can navigated using the provided explorer, which lets the user view files that belong to older sessions and files that Windows would otherwise hide from his view, and recover them. The IsoBuster website features product reviews and testimonials along with screenshots that are illustrative of the solutions offered by said recovery tool. Support is provided via a section which goes by the name of “Online Help”, which gives a good overview of IsoBuster and its features. Furthermore, a section entitled “Tips and Tricks” provides guidance on how to use the program and make the best out of the available scanning and recovery options.