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Isabellabird.comIsabella Bird is purveyor of craftsmanship quality clothing and accessories. It designs and develops all the items that can be bought at its website, which can be found at IsabellaBird.

com. The apparel available caters for misses, petites, and women; and the site is divided into the corresponding categories. Likewise, shoes and accessories can be found in the relevant section. There is a sizing chart for easy reference, and a store guide is part of the website, detailing the location of the many Isabella Bird stores in the territory of the United States. The site includes concise information on the shipping and processing of orders, and the return and exchange policy the store adheres to is clearly set forth. In addition to that, the website provides information on the Isabella Bird card, including how to apply for such card, and the benefits it entails. Gift cards can be purchased, and the redemption process is explained online.