– Upload Your Photographs

Instaproofs.comIf you want to set up and publish your events, you have to visit this website. In Instaproofs.

com you can upload all your photographs for free, and there is unlimited storage. All you have to do is create yourself an account and then follow the three steps which describe exactly what is has to be done in order to get setup for selling your photographs online through this website. First you have to review the types of events you shoot, there are some default categories, but you can add the ones you want. Then you have to review and modify the different photograph size that you offer by going to the size link in the setup tab, some common sizes are done for you to choose. Finally you have to create one or more pricing schemes; you can do that by going to the pricing link in the setup tab. These schemes are used to set the prices for the different colours and sizes of prints that you offer. After that, you are ready to do business.