– Search From Your Address Bar

InstantFox.netUsers of Firefox who want to have a suppler search experience, this is your day. That is exactly what InstantFox provides.

InstantFox is an add-on that will basically let you perform search operations right from your address bar. And in a way that is so simple that just anybody would get the twist of it within minutes (even less, probably).

You see, when using InstantFox you are enabled to search directly in your address bar by adding shortcuts such as G for Google search, and I for Google images. And this service has a true instant touch to it, since results will be displayed in real time. That is, search results will be shown as you are typing. No need to hit Return or click anywhere to see if your luck is in.

The InstantFox add-on is available for any person who wants to get it, and it costs absolutely nothing. Installation involves little more than clicking two or three boxes, and once it is over you will be searching the WWW like never before. In Their Own Words

Quick search via your addressbar with shortcuts.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that makes for searching the Web faster like InstantFox does is innately attractive.

Some Questions About

What about other browsers? Will we ever see a comparable service being released?