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Instant-Registry-Fixes.orgThough some regard it as an urban myth, the fact remains that if you put a frog in a pan with cold water and slowly rise the temperature, the poor creature will stay there until boiled to death. This gruesome and cruel example charts quite well what happens to all of us with computer performance and internet speed: due to navigational hazards and nuisances like malware, spyware and viruses, you slowly if ever so slightly start getting used to slower loading times for websites and programs, until one good day you notice that running MSN or even your solitaire drives your computer insane and into a lethargic state.

By this point, you are very much of a boiled frog, so take my advice and try this site, where you will be able to perform a complimentary computer scan to detect if there’s anything wrong in the computer that’s not allowing it to work properly, plus you can download an app (for free) which promises to fix corrupted files, get rid of install and running problems, and in general help you go back to things as they were in the beginning. also hosts a wealth of informative articles and advice to help you prevent frequent problems and to keep your PC safe and in good shape.