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Insidetrip.comThere are a number of sites that allow you to enter your destination and search for the cheapest flights available to that destination. Insidetrip works in a similar fashion however, it allows you to search using different criteria.

The premise behind Insidetrip is that people are not always looking for the cheapest flight but for the best value flight. Insidetrip takes into account the amount of time you will have to wait in security checks, leg room, number of stops, quality of the airline and a number of other factors. Some of the data has been compiled from official sources while other data comes from research performed by Insidetrip. So, if you are thinking about that next trip to Paris but don’t want to stop in Amsterdam, London and Madrid first, this could be a good place to buy your tickets. In Their Own Words

InsideTrip provides not only great prices but also has created the industry’s first TripQuality score for every airline itinerary, redefining the metasearch category and aiming to change the way consumers evaluate and buy travel. In addition, a ground-breaking visual itinerary bar helps users quickly determine the value of the airfare based on duration and convenience of flight.

Why It Might Be A Killer

For people who don’t want to suffer when they travel, this could be a real attraction. This probably won’t be the service of choice for students but those who don’t mind spending an extra few bucks will definitely like the quality rating features of this site.

Some Questions About

When it comes to flights, people seem determined to always find the lowest price. Will enough people choose quality over the price of the ticket?