– Sudden Cardiac Arrest

InsideCardiacArrest.comAre you at risk for sudden cardiac arrest? If you do, or you don’t know, you should see your doctor promptly. However, to be sure about it, you can also check the informative resources available at Insidecardiacarrest.

com. Sudden Cardiac Arrest occurs when the lower chambers of the heart, called ventricles, stop beating normally and start quivering very quickly and chaotic. If this is not corrected immediately via a shock from an external defibrillator, there is little chance of survival. However, there’s no need to panic; this website is well capacitated to help you find out how likely is your body to experience SCA. Here you can access a lot of medical information and tips that will allow you to check if you or a member of your family have some risk. Besides, you can also check patient stories and events, as well as find out responses to sudden cardiac arrest. The site also has a Find a Doctor service which you can use by inserting your zip code.