search cancel – Database of Machine Industry Services is an online store specialized in providing a large collection of industrial machinery and machinery supplies for you to buy online at discounted prices. Industry Net offers different types of industrial machinery, as well as parts and supplies for different equipment.


On you can find a variety of machinery and industrial equipment at affordable times, as well as parts and supplies you might need. On this site you will find all the machinery and industrial equipment you need at affordable prices, including injection molding devices and assembly supplies, as well as sheet metal fabricators and material handling devices.

Are you looking for industrial equipment?. If that is so, you have come to the right site. On you can buy online different types of industrial machinery at affordable prices. In conclusion, if you need to buy industrial machinery and related supplies, this website might be worth a try. In Their Own Words

“Discover who makes it, who supplies it and who does it among 600,000 American manufacturers & suppliers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a detailed industry listing with the potential to keep growing. The additional communication features, such as the location map and instant calling capability, make this an integrated and valuable resource.

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How may trade organizations be involved with this site? How may new business be encouraged to list themselves on this site? What can be done to ensure that listings are kept current and updated?


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