– Goodbye to Heart Diseas

ImprovedOralChelation.comHeart disease is a problem that concerns many people around the world and in the United States, this affliction is the leading cause of death. Blocked arteries cause expansion and contraction that lead to arterial damage from wear and tear.

Once damage occurs the worn areas weep like open sores. If healing does not occur, the cholesterol present in the blood containing fatty acids will deposit and build up as a thin layer which covers the damaged area. Calcium, which is also abundant in the blood, then adheres to the cholesterol. This process will continue to repeat over and over until the artery is completely blocked. Angioprim is not destroyed in the stomach like other Oral Chelators. This drug which is activated by stomach acids enters the blood quickly. Angioprim is a safe alternative to surgery because it dissolves plaque at the molecular level and is not in any way invasive. When Angioplasty surgery is performed, the catheter that is introduced through the arteries often scrapes plaque off the artery walls. This plaque is flushed through the body and may end up in the brain causing strokes or even paralysis. If you suffer from heart disease and want to try out a less invasive treatment, take a look at the information on the website and try out Angioprim.