Ifla.org – IFLA Official Website

Ifla.org“IFLA” stands for “International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions”. In general terms, said association is the international body that represents the interests of library and information services and their existing users, effectively standing as the global voice of the library and information profession.

IFLA was first established in Scotland in 1927, and as of this date it has over 1,700 members in countries spanning the whole of the world. Its official website can be reached at Ifla.org, and it provides a series of online resources in addition to background information on the association. For instance, a section entitled “Electronic Collections” presents the visitor with a wide-ranging collection of links, from citation guides for electronic documents to metadata resources and links to online digital libraries. Information on forthcoming annual conferences is featured online as well. For its part, information for those who wish to join IFLA is featured in the section named “Membership”. Ifla.org