Icynene.com – Green Insulation Company

Icynene.comIcynene is a company that was created in 1968, and it has been growing and evolving ever since. They developed a foam insulation system that is better than all the others that exist in the market.

They became the leaders in green insulation in the construction industry. At the link “products”, you can learn more about these insulation products, what’s the difference between them, and which one will be the correct one for your construction project. If you want to get in touch with a dealer, you can use the “dealer locator” to find the one that is closest to your home. Icynene offers a free newsletter, where they can update you about what’s going on with this industry, and with building and design news. You need to fill in a quick form and wait for the first newsletter to arrive. They provide contact information if you need to get in touch with this company’s administrators or sales executives. Icynene.com