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IconWanted.comIf you need some quality icons to make any project of yours come to life, then you’re on the right spot. Not only does this site let you find icons for free, it also lets you place custom requests and have professional designers create these icons that you need using a really simple interface that lets you set down your exact needs, and add all the notes you think are in order.


As of today, the site has got a database of over 16600 icons, spread over more than 450 different sets. When executing a search, you’re allowed to have icons sorted by size, and also by license. Three are selectable: “CC Attribution 3.0 Unported”, “Free for non-commercial use”, and “Free to use for personal and non-commercial purposes”. Just as importantly, you can change the background over which icons are displayed – you can alternate between a white background, a checkered background and a black background as you see fit.

That’s quite a reasonable set of filters and search options, but I’m of the opinion this site would work much better if a menu giving you access to all the many different sets were available. It’s a small thing, granted, but it’s the kind of thing that can end up making a big difference. In Their Own Words

Fast icon search engine.

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Is it better than sites like IconPot or DefaultIcon?


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