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Iaf.netAt you may look for all the necessary information you need to know in order to locate someone, or a business.


Information such as phone numbers, addresses, zip codes, email, postal codes are provided, by searching throughout the White and Yellow pages. By just entering last name, of the person you’re looking for it will make a nationwide (United States) search of the online directories, using the freshest data available. You can also make reverse searches were you input the address, or phone and get all the information you need to contact the person or business you’re looking for. Users can also make background checks were you can get a comprehensive report for your piece of mind and for safety of others. In Their Own Words

“The Simple Way to Search White Pages & Yellow Pages.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s fast and easy to use, gives you a lot of options of how to search, with minimum information you’ll be able to get all the information available of that person or business; from telephone numbers to emails.

Some Questions About

Is there a need for so many of this service? Why will people choose to use this site over others alike? How will they manage to compete? Will they expand to other countries than the U.S.?


Author : Mery Fisher

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