I.ph – Private Domains For Individuals

I.phI.ph is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for people who want a presence on the internet.

Its packages range from just a domain and personalized mailbox to full-featured blogging and photo gallery capabilities with webhosting. I.ph is the latest innovation from DotPh, the Philippine Domain Registry. With I.ph you get a free domain with your blog, and you will be able to receive emails, personalize your blog with their ease using point and click, drag and drop interface, make a blog that is uniquely your own, no coding skills necessary, give private access permissions to both I.ph and non-I.ph users, and decide precisely who gets to access what. You can get an I.ph domain in five minuets. There are three easy steps to register an i-ph domain. First you have to check for availability and then fill out the login information and forgot password forms. Finally, verify your email address. Copy the code on the email sent to your email address and then paste it on the verification code text box. I.ph