HVFCU.com – Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

HVFCU.comThe Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union is a cooperative that provides financial services to its members. Credit unions are financial cooperatives whose members have accounts and are in fact owners of the union, making all of the decisions together.

The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union was created by Poughkeepsie IBM employees to provide basics savings and consumer loans. Since its creation, the credit union has groan and now provides a variety of services to more than 200,000 member including real estate and consumer loans, savings accounts, business services, and investment services. Members can access the credit union through 14 branch locations, and 42 ATM locations, bank-by-mail, and internet banking. On this website members will find information on all the services provided, be able to access their accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, download account information, and more. Since the credit union has many members from the Latino community, Spanish speaking customers have the option to view all the information contained in the website in their own language. HVFCU.com