– Preserved Tomato Products

Hunts.comHunt’s is a brand of preserved tomato products which is owned by ConAgra Foods, Inc. Its origins hark back to the year 1890, when it was founded under the name of Hunt Brothers Fruit Packing Company in California.

The best known Hunt product is canned tomato sauce; yet other products such as Hunt’s tomato paste and Hunt’s spaghetti sauce are also very popular with customers. The Hunt’s website offers information on these products, as well as the latest news and promotions concerning the Hunt’s brand. Recipes are also featured, and they can be browsed through online. A search engine is also featured, and it lets the visitor look up for recipes by keyword or ingredient. In addition to that, visitors can join the Hunt’s club. Benefits include a personalized recipe box that lets the members store and retrieve recipes online, as well as access to special promotions and contests. Special offers are likewise available to members, along with a monthly newsletter that is entitled “Hints from Hunt’s”.