– Online Home Plans is your source for any type of home plans. If you are planning to build your house, no matter for what purpose, this website can provide you with great ideas taken from finished homes. If you are an architect, and want to fulfill some client’s requirements, the site will provide you with a whole lot of ideas to show him. But if you are about to build a house for yourself, and want to find ideas to give to your architect, Houseoftheweek is a great site also.

The site is easily organized for you to find your way around it. The main menu has four options to find or browse what you are looking for. The first of those choices is “Customize your house”, where you can enter search criteria according to your preferences. In this section, you will see a form displayed at the left of the screen which you must fill with the style of the house you want, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in it, its square feet, and the depth and length of the house’s plan. will show you the matching results, and you are able to enlarge the plan’s view or even print it. Bear in mind that these plans are not available for construction, but the advantage is that you can get some ideas on how to design the plan for your new house. This is what allows you to do.

The same happens if you search for “Garage plans” in the following option of the menu, where you’ll see all types of houses with great garages. Every search result can be sorted by different options, such as the area of the plan (from low to high or the other way around), most popular or most recent postings.

The two remaining sections are “Architechtural styles” and “Study plans”. The first one of them is where Houseoftheweek lets you browse through all the styles in which you could build your house. You’ll find from neoclassical and mediterranean to spanish or victorian designs among many more, that will give you a hard time to make up your mind for one of them. “Study plans”, on the other hand, gives you the chance to enter the site’s archives and download pdf files of the houses’ plans.

In Their Own Words

Each week AP distributes a House of the Week to its member publications. Readers can download a study plan for each House of the Week here at Study plans can be printed for easy viewing, and contain additional information not found on the web site. While they may not be used for construction, they can be very helpful in determining whether a plan is right for you.

Why It May Be A Killer

A site like this one can help architects and their clients to communicate better by showing each other what they are talking about when they speak of some new project.


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