– Beads And Jewelry Supplies

HouseOfGems.comParental guidance will not make it to the internet for some time, but the time it does, they will surely have to put a tag in “Contains small parts”.

This eCommerce site is all about little objects, like beads, pearls, pendants, chains and diverse jewelry supplies for hobby or professional use, and it’s a very nice site too: explore the full catalogue by material or kind of product, view detailed images and find on-site information about bulk purchases. Don’t care to do all that threading? Worry no more: you can buy finished jewelry from the site as well. One of the things about the site I liked best is that you can sort beads in each category by price, but most importantly by shape or color, so if you’re looking for a particular object you won’t have a hard time finding it. Another fav from the site is the blog, where users can read profiles of gems listing history, characteristics and even chemical formulas, but also jewelry tips or advice to make beautiful pieces on a reasonable budget.