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Horsefun.comThere are many children who love going to the country and be near horses. They enjoy touching them, riding them and grooming them.


They have posters of horses on the walls, books, articles, games and so much more. To this kids who enjoy and truly are horse lovers, this site is a great way to expand your knowledge on horses and have fun. This site is all about kids and horses. Here you will find lots of information on horse breeds, horse care, helpful hints if you have problems with your horse, and tips to learn how to ride and handle correctly your horse. To those who apart from learning on this subject would like to play games related to them as well then you should keep looking at this site. Here you can find many horsey quizzes, puzzles and games. Also, stories and poems, brain teasers and mind benders. Apart from horses, this site provides a section to pony lovers as well.


Author : Mery Fisher

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