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HolyLemon.comIt is true that nowadays finding a web site with decent funny stuff is not a daily situation, actually most funny websites are loaded with advertisements and have few humor. Well fellas, HolyLemon.

com is definitely not the case we are talking about. If you are bored on the net, HolyLemon.com offers a huge amount of funny stuff such as videos, flash movies, fun games and pictures. The site is very simple and easy to navigate and all the stuff is divided into these sections, video archive, online games, funny pictures, flash animations and submit content so you can upload whatever you think it’s worth a look. There are also a bunch of useful related links at the very bottom as well as a search box at the top for quick funny stuff findings. You can also leave your comments below videos and pictures and you don’t need to register to get full site access. HolyLemon.com is tons of fun. HolyLemon.com