Hlj.com – Japanese Hobby Kits And Toys

Hlj.comFound at hjl.com, the Hobby Link Japan website is certain to enthral fans of Japanese culture.

The site features a thorough collection of toys and items endemic to Japanese shows and series. In particular, gundam and mecha of every denomination are on offer, from the Aquarion Vectors to the latest line of Evangelion figures, coinciding with the new tetralogy which has already set a new standard of excellence. Military products such as aircrafts and battleships can also be found online, along with Japanese apparel such as manga-related t-shirts and parkas. The site has a section which details shipping and handling costs, along with the policies the store abides by. The prices are in Japanese Yen, but this not a complication since the card companies do the currency exchange themselves. There is also information on wholesale pricing for resellers. Lastly, there are several mailing lists available. Customers can subscribe to as many of them as they want by following the pertinent link. Hlj.com