Hirenetwork.org – National H.I.R.E. Network

Hirenetwork.orgThe National H.I.

R.E. network has the objective of increasing the number of job opportunities that are available to individuals that have criminal records. In order to do so, the H.I.R.E. network implements campaigns that improve public opinion as well as current policies and practices. The network can be found online at Hirenetwork.org, and it features a section entitled “Clearinghouse” that is conformed by the various agencies and community groups within each State that work to improve the labor market opportunities which are available to individuals with criminal records. Said section includes an interactive map of the United States that can be used to locate the above-mentioned groups and State agencies, while an alphabetical list that can be browsed through is provided as well. Additional assistance comes in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions section that deals with issues such as where to find lists of employers who hire individuals with criminal records. Hirenetwork.org