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Heraldnews.comHeraldnews.com is the online version of the Herald News, a newspaper that brings news from the South Coast.

If you are looking for news, here you will find them organized by topic, within the classic newspaper sections. This includes Opinions, Sports, Entertainment, and other sections. At the homepage you can check the ultimate, most popular news; it basically shows headlines and some pictures. However, if you want an in-depth treatment of the information, you should click the linked headlines. The homepage also display two surveys about different subjects, and encourages visitors to participate. If you want to post your opinion about news or any information, you can do it within the blog section. The site also has a multimedia section featuring the most popular news videos, which you can watch online and rate them. Besides, if you are interested in receiving the publication, you can have it daily in your mailbox by subscribing online. Heraldnews.com