HeraldBulletin.com – Madison County’s Daily News

HeraldBulletin.comThe Herald Bulletin is a daily newspaper covering local news, politics, sports, entertainment, traffic, weather, shopping and personals for the Madison County, in Indiana. The site’s design is simple but useful, as it is very easy to get around to the stories you are looking for, both on video or text format.

Users can subscribe to receive RSS feeds on some of the paper’s sections, or log in to manage their print subscription details; thankfully, you can read the whole digital edition of the paper online, without getting those annoying signs saying that you have to subscribe to read the full article. Other than the standard areas covered by this daily, HeraldBulletin.com also hosts a classifieds section which you can browse using the site, a coupon booklet which you can download and print to make some savings on local stores and service providers, plus some interactive features, like the forums and polls. An ePaper version of the Herald Bulletin is also available, though by subscription only; if you are unsure whether this format will work out for you, it could be a good idea to take the tour of the functionalities of the ePaper reader. HeraldBulletin.com