HelloWorld.com – Digital Media Made Simple

HelloWorld.comHelloWorld is a web based app-suite that allows users to upload, create, share, and store all their media. The suite comprises in one same place everything you need to manage your media communication: create and broadcast videos, podcasts, videopodcasts, read RSS, IM, manage your email account, create and publish blog entries, and several extra features.

To use the HelloWorld Studio, users have to pay $9.95 a month, but considering that it will save them a lot of time and hassle, it seems like a good investment, especially for hipercommunicative net users. The stress of the suite is in creating and broadcasting video, to the extent that several especial features are available for self broadcasting, like pay-per-view on live and prerecorded shows, polling and live viewer stats. Since text and video bloggers will quite comprehensibly migrate to this great new all-in-one app, they should be quite happy to learn that users maintain ownership of contents published through HelloWorld, which seems very settling in view of FaceBook’s recent doings and the wave of fear it generated across the blogosphere. HelloWorld.com