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HelloMovies.comHelloMovies is a site that will have lovers of the seventh art coming back for more time after time. It’s basic role is that of giving people recommendations on which movies to watch and which ones to pass on, but there is much more to the site than that.

Those who sign up will be able to unleash a full range of social features such as being able to see what their friends are watching and also catalog all the movies that they like. In that way, everybody can get to know every other member of the network in a snap – it is just a matter of taking a good look at these pictures the other likes and seeing how many titles in common there are.

Coming back to the basic functionality of the site (the recommendation of good movies to watch – the one service that anybody can enjoy without signing up), HelloMovie goes through Hulu, iTunes, Netflix and related sites in order to bring

Of course, users of the site can pick a specific genre like “Drama”, “Action” or “Classic” and proceed from there. They can likewise set down the mood from options like “Entertaining”, “Compelling” and “Offbeat”. Finally, it is also possible to choose the year of release and the language, so that picking a movie that will suit your wants (or those of any person that you have to please) is made an easy task indeed.

HelloMovies.com In Their Own Words

“HelloMovies helps you find a movie to watch.

See what’s playing on Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, and more. Narrow your choices. Watch movies.”

Why HelloMovies.com It Might Be A Killer

It makes finding a movie which suits the exact way you are feeling something incredibly easy.

Some Questions About HelloMovies.com

How many movies are already featured as part of the database? At which rate are new ones added? HelloMovies.com