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Heguys.comWith information on the basics components of a Home Theatre System (TV, sound, etc.), the Home Entertainment Guys offer easy to understand explanations on what is what and what those sometimes hard to understand devices can do for us.

With a quick explanation on what high definition means and how to read the information supplied by manufacturers, the Home Entertainment Guys make buying a high definition set an easier task. They then go on to explain about surround sound, and how it helps improve the home theatre experience by explaining a little bit about where it comes from and how it works. By reviewing both cable and satellite, and stating pros and cons for each of those programming receiving methods, they allow the user to make a decision based on what they want to get out of their high definition home theatre system. Projectors are also covered by the HE Guys, and they do a good job explaining what it is they are supposed to do and how different projectors work differently to achieve the same results. The FAQs on this subject are clear and concise, with well answered questions. They also review some of the latest Home Theatre components, providing first hand information on how they work and what advantages using them have. Heguys.com