– Research Health Plans

Health-Plan-Quote.comIf you need to make some budget adjustments and don’t know where to start, it could be a good idea to try this site, which will allow you to find out about different health plans and insurance companies and select one which fits your budget. Using the service is free and easy: you only need to fill in a short form with personal information and details, and you’ll be contacted just by those insurance’s sales reps for whose policies you are already preapproved, and thus only have to compare the prices offered by the companies, as opposed to having to dig up lots of messy information.

Also good about the site is that you can get quotes on family plans, as you can add your spouse and children to get a specific price for your needs. I was expecting this site to disclose who their affiliates and insurance companies they work with are, but you will have to wait for the phone calls to learn about that.