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Hardyheater.comThose looking for a quality furnace for both home and facility heating might find what they are looking for at the website.


The site advertises the Hardy Outside Woodburning Furnace, which is a practical solution when it comes to heating a house, as well as pools, barns, and greenhouses. According to the website, the Hardy Furnace has the distinct advantage of eliminating wood, smoke, ashes and the risk of fire danger that is inherent to other heating solutions. There are several furnace models available, includin economic, standard and high capacity configurations. The full product specifications can be consulted, including a diagram for additional clarity. Heater parts can be browsed through as well. Different financing plans are taken into consideration in the pertinent section of the site. An “Emissions Info” page collects assorted documents of interest, whereas a sales video is available online, and it can be viewed using RealPlayer or QuickTime (a link for downloading said viewers is conveniently provided).


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