– Automatic Email Contact Manager is a very useful online resource that offers very valuable data about a wide variety of things.

The site gives you the option to download the $19.95, Microsoft Outlook plug-in, as well as many other Microsoft applications.

This solution gives you the opportunity to get emails, while it grabs and transfers all your contacts to an address book. makes more efficient the management of your new relationships, and gives you the possibility to maintain all your current contacts in your address book without the time-consuming chore of cutting and pasting. This seems to be a very convenient service you will be able to enjoy. has an intuitive ability to scan and filter new content. This system will drastically improve your user experience because it presents a prompt not only when a new contact is available, but also when a new signature file conflicts with current contact information.

This is a very interesting solution that saves hundreds of hours per year for busy executives, salespeople, marketers and others who must track hundreds, if not thousands, of contacts to more efficiently utilize communication techniques and expand business networking