– The Benefits Of Chewing Gum provides information about the benefits of chewing gum besides its greatest taste.

Wrigley’s Orbit, Extra, and Eclipse sugar free chewing gums are the first and only gums available to earn the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. They have been clinically proven to help fight cavities, strengthen teeth and reduce harmful plaque acids. Chewing sugar free gum after eating is clinically proven to be an important part of good oral health. When managing weight, every calorie counts. Chewing a 5-10 calorie piece of gum instead of reaching for high calorie snacks is an effective way to reduce calorie intake. Chewing gum may help to increase your focus and concentration. Professional athletes are famous for chewing gum on the playing field. A research study conducted at the University of North Umbria has shown that chewing gum while performing memory tests appeared to improve people’s ability to learn, retain, and retrieve information. To learn more about these benefits you should visit this website.