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GrandBrass.comI’ll guarantee you’ll see your lamp in a whole new light after visiting this site, in as much as you probably had never stopped to admire how many bolts, arms, rings, chains, loops, screws and tiny but beautiful little parts sum up to become a table, wall or ceiling lamp of any sort. GrandBrass.

com is an eCommerce site specializing in selling those little parts, so whether you are into decoration, have gathered some experience in hunting flea markets for beautiful objects, or are up to same home face wash project this season, make sure you take a look at this site to find things the Home Depot or local bricolage store doesn’t carry. is one of those sites that could use some help in terms of design but is so useful and so filled with helpful little things that once you’ve been there for thirty seconds you forget about the design altogether; for instance, if you go over to the glossary, you’ll find pictures of lamps and get to learn what part of the lamp is called, and then go on to choose what material or style of plate or bobesche you want to shop for, so you’ll get to learn lots of things in the process too.