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Commencements are among the most important moments of life for those people who’ve chosen the academic path to achieve their personal goals. is a company that knows about this, and gives graduates and their families the chance to keep great photographs of that treasured instance. Gradimages has a team of professional photographers that will take pictures on every ceremony so that the graduate and his loved ones can fully enjoy the moment without worrying about taking their own photographs.


The largest universities in the US and Canada hire, but they even provide the service for some universities in the UK. The company bases its service on Grad Track, a software that enables the company to handle large amounts of pictures to satisfy their customers demand.

If you will have your commencement soon, or are planning to attend one from some young member of your family, you can register in advance at This will allow you to order your pictures soon after the event, without having to wait for the company to search the ones in which you appear.

For some selected events, you have the chance to search for unidentified pictures by entering the last name of the graduate or the customer number. As well, you can track your order to check how long you’ll need to wait for receiving your pictures.

You can pay for your orders with your credit card without any problem, because Gradimages makes a big investment in security systems that will keep your data safe for you to make your purchase without any trouble. International orders can be made too, so it really doesn’t matter where you are located to get the pictures of the commencement you attended or which you may have missed.

In Their Own Words

GradImages is the world’s largest commencement photography business, capturing the accomplishments of over 1.5 million graduates each year.

Why Might Be A Killer

By relying on you don’t have to think about taking pictures at your commencement because it is all taken care of.


With their service covering US, Canada and the UK, are they planning to expand it to other countries also?


Author : Charly Zaks

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