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GradeGenie.comTraditional study groups for high school and college students have more or less become a thing of the past. With the advent of file-sharing, many teachers and students have taken to swapping notes, back tests, and the like via the internet.

A new site, GradeGenie, is one such way to share class information. GradeGenie allows both faculty and students to upload non-copyrighted class handouts and/or their own notes so that other students in the course may have access to them. Barring tests and other questionably obtained documents, you can post anything on GradeGenie. Students can search for information by first selecting their school, and then the course. Alternately, you can also search by notes, department, and instructor. According to the GradeGenie team, the goal of the site is to help students acquire the materials they need to succeed in the course. With that in mind, GradeGenie does specify that any material that is deemed irrelevant by site visitors or is determined to be of low quality will be removed from the site. To use GradeGenie, you’ll need to register for an account (it’s free), and then you can start uploading files or searching for your own course documents. In Their Own Words

“Earn The Grade You Deserve
GradeGenie is an easy way to share class notes, study guides, and other useful class information”

Why It Might Be A Killer

GradeGenie does address an increasingly popular use for file sharing – that between students and faculty. GradeGenie offers a variety of search options, and does its end of the job in making sure that material posted on the site is high-quality and relevant.

Some Questions About

Why doesn’t GradeGenie focus on faculty – student sharing more? Lots of professors want applications that primarily deal with that direction of sharing. Faculty members might be skeptical of a site that allows students to swap notes; for instance, a professor might think that it would be unfair if a certain student who cuts class could have access to the same material as others who have perfect attendance.