– Geoff Peters Trio

Gpeters.comDo you like Jazz? Well, if you do then you may have heard of Geoff Peters Trio. Have you? Well, if you didn´t then I advise you that it´s time for you to find all about him because the Geoff Peters Trio is a great jazz ensemble and you must check it out.

Just take a few minutes of your Sunday afternoon to pay a visit to and you will see what we are talking about. Just browse along the site and learn all there is to learn about this great jazz trio; check out their music and videos, find out about all of their upcoming tour dates and, maybe, you will be able to go see him live one of these days. The Geoff Peters Trio is currently performing at the Vancouver area, so if you hear their stuff and you realize that you love it, then you should take a few days to make a trip there and go seeing them. If you do you will love them.