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Finney’s life and work. At the homepage you will have two choices; either click on the complete works of Finney link, or click on important works created by other writers. At the bottom you will also find other categories including Home, Finney Life, Finney Works, Text Index, Subject Index, Glossary, and E-Mail. At the first category you can search the section by his life and ministry, by timeline chronology that includes a list of all his works and the dates of publication, by the complete chronological index of all individuals sermon and lecture titles, by the index to Finney’s sermons by scripture texts or by subject, and by the glossary of terms as defined by Finney. The other category contains additional books and writings on subjects of importance that are related to: evidence for the resurrection, about sin, the gospel, the atonement, about revival and evangelism, people God has used, theology, last days and end of times, bible study, Calvinism, children, testimonies, and art illustrations. GospelTruth.net