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Gosection8.comGosection8.com is a website providing information for what is known as Section 8 housing program (real name: Housing Choice Vouchers Program), a Federal plan to help low income households find properties for rental. It is also aimed at the elderly and disabled. The plan consists of allowing the families or individuals to pay a rent with 30% of their income, and leaving the difference of that resulting amount with the market price of the property to the agency.

The houses or apartments can be anywhere in the US, and they don’t have to be from subsidized housing programs. Instead, any kind of property can be included in Section 8, after being checked and certified by the corresponding offices. Municipal public housing agencies are the program’s administrators throughout the country, guaranteeing complete coverage.

According to Gosection8.com here you can find the largest rental services list within the US. The site’s mission is to provide complete free information on the current housing options for people from the US living in poverty. To achieve this, it allows property owners to list their houses for free, building the big database they talk about. The list is in turn available for possible tenants for free, who also may have access to it by calling toll free to a bi-lingual call center.

The page displays a map of the US in the “Find Rentals” section in which you can click on the state where you are searching a place to rent. That will show you a list of the different counties to choose from, and clicking on each of them will take you to all the properties available, with their costs and space details.

The same system is used to help you find the public housing office in your region, so you can be certain where to go in case you are thinking to enter the program.

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The largest rental listing service for the Section 8 housing program.

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Gosection8.com makes low income people save time and resources by offering on the web all the information from the Section 8 housing program.

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Where can information for other housing programs besides Section 8 be found on the web? Gosection8.com