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uk offers the possibility of creating free memorial websites for your beloved ones. A Memorial website is an Internet websites dedicated to the life and memory of someone who has passed away and consists of: The life story of the deceased, including a short biography and major events in his or her life; Tributes paid and Condolences offered by visitors to the website; a photo album, a mailing list of people who would like to be notified when the website content is updated: a chronological list of the deceased’s important events and a family tree. When you create the memorial you will be asked to choose a password, which gives you exclusive access to an easy-to-use tool which you can use to add, change or delete website content. Visitors to the website will also be able to add some items, such as tributes and memorial candles. The site offers information about these memorial websites and the opportunity to create your own for free. Gonetoosoon.co.uk