Goang.com – Join The National Air Guard

Goang.comWhat things would you do for protecting your country? If you are a freedom fighter or you’d like to become one, you should check out this site. Goang.

com is the official site for the national air guard. There are many careers awaiting you; aerospace medical service, aerospace physiology, aerospace propulsion, air traffic control, air transportation, aircraft maintenance officer, bomber pilot, first sergeant, internist, and special operations navigator, among others. If you enroll at the national air guard, you will have some benefits, such as: health insurance, education programs, tuition assistance, etc. They have some missions, like: predator, rescue, flying. If you are on a rescue mission you will have to learn some air-land-sea tactics in order to extract, treat, and evacuate injured personnel. For that you will have to learn some military medicine. At the web site you will find information of the requirements needed to become a member. Goang.com