search cancel – Image Search Re-Defined is a desktop application that gives users the opportunity of searching images in several sources at the same time, if you need to use the picture for any purpose.


The good news about this tool is the fact that now you can look for images in search engines, as well as photo sharing sites, and social networks. In addition to this, images can also be tracked from professional stock photos, and once you find a picture you want you can just drag & drop it to your workspace like PowerPoint, Photoshop, blog platforms, etc

One of the main objectives for the creators to build this solution, is that you can search full-screen in addition to getting more than 120 results per screen.

In this way you will not have to be opening and closing windows once and again, because this solution makes the process mucho easier. Ginipic makes the finding process much more proficient so you can maximize your working performance.

This solution is for all kind of users, buyers, reporters, creatives, etc., allowing you to view a variety of photographs with just a click of a button in order to do something with it after you have found a pertinent image.


Author : Bill Webb

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