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GilbertsGuns.comWhether you are a hunting enthusiast or like shooting for fun, don’t miss this site next time you have to buy supplies for your sports or self defense needs. This eCommerce site is fully devoted to selling discounted hunting and shooting supplies for US residents. is designed on an intuitive base, so whatever it is that you are looking for, you will find it in a heartbeat by browsing one of the several categories into which arms, ammunition, knives, accessories, decoys and related items are categorized. However, if you fancy a specific line or object, try looking it up by brand or manufacturer. Unlike some of its competitors, is very open about regulations and restrictions in its sales, and provides detailed instructions on what information you should have handy when buying guns online, including how to get a local authorized gun dealer to have the gun sent to him/her, who in turn can give it to end-buyers for a commission.