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Illinois Tollway is the agency in charge of everything related to the roads and highways in the state of Illinois, USA. Among other activities they collect toll payments from all kinds of vehicles, mainly by using I-PASS, an electronic system of which every detail can be read at

Essentially I-PASS is an automatic way to pay by means of a device installed in each car’s windshield. The device is called Transponder, and will allow drivers to be charged each time they pass through the special lane in toll posts. The amount you must pay, should you be one of these drivers, is deducted from a pre-paid account associated to your device. This way, you will save time by not having to wait at slow bottlenecks, and your expenses will also be better controlled by automatic debit without handling small cash.


The I-PASS balance does not expire, so there are no worries concerning occasional use of the system. You credit will still be there although you have not used it for a long time. Other advantage of this system is that you can sign up your account for automatic replenishment through a credit or debit card. But there are also other options for replenishing if you prefer, like cash, gift cards, and phone. Your online account gives you a wide variety of tools such as adding funds, reviewing transactions and checking your balance.

You don’t need to worry for low batteries on your Transponder or if by some other reason  – like forgetting it at home – it did not work at the moment you went through an I-PASS toll lane. The system will automatically charge you anyway through your license plate and afterwards make the debit from your account. Something similar happens if your I-PASS account has ran out of funds when driving through tolls. In this case, funds must be added within seven days, in order not to generate unpaid uses which could be subject to penalties. You must have a similar care when charges derive when not using the Transponder by accident. Too many of these can also be cause of some sort of sanction.

The webpage will give you all the details on how to buy your I-PASS account, in which roads you can use it, and other issues related to the system.

account, in which roads you can use it, and other issues related to the system. In Their Own Words

I-PASS is a prepaid toll collection system that saves motorists time and money on the road. Every toll lane on the system is equipped to accept I-PASS which can also be used on the Chicago Skyway, the Indiana Toll Road , and on any of the more than 20 U.S. tollroads where E-ZPass is accepted.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Traffic problems may be a great cause of stress, and using the system will give drivers a way to save some trouble.

system will give drivers a way to save some trouble.

Some Questions About

Are there any plans for generating a full coverage of vehicles using I-PASS in all of Illinois?


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