– Your Random Victim Picker!

GetCoffee.atThis is a peculiar website. The main purpose in order to create this site was to have fun with friends by choosing a victim for a joke.

This online resource gives you the chance to create a group of people from which to randomly generate a victim (that has to get coffee or something else). The group is always accessible through your own url

Think about this situation: One of the main annoyances at the office is the fact that there are some colleagues who never get any coffee for others. No matter what, they do not do it. This solution gives this problem a fair solution in order to end that problem up.

It only takes a few seconds to create a group. The purpose of this site is to randomly pick a name from a group of people. In this way, you can find out who has to get coffee. Certainly, in case you use your imagination, the ‘chosen one’ can get assigned other tasks as well.

In case you want to get more information about this site, take a look at the site at