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GermanNotes.comAt the German Notes website you will find information about German Paper Money, history and facts about German banknotes, and their historical context. A vast amount of banknotes have been issued in Germany and its regions.

They are a mirror of German history, culture, and politics. You can browse this site by its many categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are: Banknotes, Emergency Money, War Money, Information, History, and Collector’s Guide. The German central banks and the regional State Banks with the according right issued a huge number of banknotes. A short outline of German history will put these collectables in an appropriate historic context. Visit the Banknote category and select any of the links provided to learn more about some banknotes historical context. This website provides descriptions of the features of a German banknote to let collectors know if the banknote is real. During the wars of the 20th century Germany frequently issued specific money for the occupied territories, the army, and prisoner of war camps. Learn more about the at the War Money category.