– Learn Online About The Earth

Geography4Kids.comIf you are interested in geography then you can find in this site what you are looking for. They provide in this site a place where you, your children and anyone else can enjoy learning geography.

In the Earth Structure section you can read about the earth, the plates, the earth’s core and much more. You can also take a quiz about the subject you read about. In the Atmosphere section you can the sky, hurricanes, climates, temperature, find features and a NASA video as well. In the Hydrosphere section you can find information about flowing water, water vapor, ocean, glaciers and the hydrologic cycle as well. In the Biosphere section you will find information about the seasons, chemical erosion, oxidation, reduction and much more. In the BGC Cycles section you will find Bio-Geo-Chemical information and about the earth cycles as well. This and much more is among the things that you will find in this site.