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Gefen.comHow much do you know about connection? Well, you certainly know USB ports, VGA from your video card, cables… But what about HDTV, HDMI, DVI, HD-SDI, and KVM? Are they hieroglyphics to you? What is funny is that you’re probably using them as well at this moment. If you want to know more about all this connection ways and by the way get a good assistance when your plugs aren’t doing well, you should check the whole array of services this site has to offer.

Gefen delivers innovative, progressive computer and electronics add-on solutions that harness integration, extension, distribution, and conversion technologies. The company provides its customers with reliable, plug-and-play products, supplement cross-platform computer systems, professional audio/video environments, and HDTV systems of all sizes. Its hard-working solutions are easy to implement and simple to operate. Consistently the first-to-market with its solutions, Gefen was at the forefront of the digital video and HDTV (High Definition Television) evolution, providing problem-solvers that split, distribute, extend, and convert HDTV for maximizing any digital video environment, regardless of scope and stature.