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GeekCulture.comAre you a fan of technology? Do yo consider yourself to be a tech “geek”? Then this is the site for you. At GeekCulture.

com you will find all things related to technology. This site offers many categories such as blog, geek culture classic, webstore, e-cards, forums, joy of tech comic, a y2k comic, webcam, beanies!, find freelance programmers, software reviews, the coolest cell phones, electronics & appliances, new shirts, iTunes link, joy stuff, geek files, geek tv and geek love. This site is for the technology fans that find all these stuff cool. Technology is a part of our everyday lives and sometimes is more important than we think of. How many times we thought we could live without a technology item and then when we actually loose it or it breaks it’s like we’re could get absolutely crazy. For example, cell phones, when you don’t own one is like you can live without it but once you get one you’re lost; this item is going to be part of your life forever. It is not necessary for you to become a tech fan but if you consider yourself as one this is the site for you.