– Arcade Games is a flash game arcade with a twist: you don’t need to read in order to use it.

Sounds silly? Well, most users (kids) have trouble reading the game names and texts on sites causing them either to abandon it or nag their parents. The site uses AJAX and cutting edge client scripting techniques to deliver a smooth, easy and fun experience.

The site will auto scale into any size, and the monkey which tells you what game you’re looking at will move (fade) to the other side when you want to see what’s beneath it, making the interface intuitive and fun to use.

The site is simple. There are no texts, annoying ads, or phases to pass. You see all the games stretched out in front of you, and the monkey will tell you what each game is (not a must but sure helps is you do read).

No flash is used to build the GUI yet it acts like a flash GUI – it shrinks and grows, rescales the elements, and pin points each position. Kids are probably the ones that will get the most out the site as it’s so easy to use. Its simplicity makes visiting it an experience of itself.