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At you will find a big database of online movies to get long hours of entertainment. The good thing about the site is that it seems to include quite recent releases. Because the magic of watching a movie in a theater is always impossible to reproduce in other formats, you might end up going to the cinema to watch your favorite movies although you may find them at the site. However, at you might check if a certain movie is worth going to see at the theater or you’d rather spend your ticket on another one.

The site is neatly organised in different categories and sub-categories. For example, you can browse movies by genre where you’ll find action, documentaries, animation, musical, romance, or westerns, to name only a few. Also, you can use an alphabetical index to search any given movie by title. Last but not least, there is a chronological index to look for movies according to their release year. This category seems to reach as back as 1993 but not further. also gives you a chance to watch TV series and select the episodes you want from any season. A section of anime is also included, but when you click on it, the list of files you get are the same ones as in the homepage. If this is just a mistake to be fixed shortly, the option to see Anime series is quite an interesting one, because not many online movie sites include a section for it.

The simple design makes a good online movie site all in all. You don’t get the clutter which you can find in other similar sites, and the browsing seems to be an easy one. So just give it a shot and see what you may watch here at Gadiss.

Why It May Be A Killer provides updated releases from the movie industry, but also adds some other features like a section of anime which makes it stand out of similar services.


Will they enhance the site’s design?